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TOGA Ultimate follows the rules and guidelines published by USA Ultimate. Follow the link below to their complete rulebook and guide.

Weather Policy

TOGA Ultimate plays rain or shine! However, for the safety of our players we do have a guideline for weather related cancellations. See link below.

TOGA Weather Policy

Waiver and Release Form

Prior to the start of each league

ALL players must sign and submit our:


Under 18?

If you are under the age of 18 as of June 2, 2023 you and your parent/guardian must sign our:


Player Ranking

TOGA Ultimate is a self governed and asks its members to rank their own skill level. Skills levels are asked at registration to make sure we keep teams balanced to encourage competitive play. Skill levels range from A-C. If you are between Levels, we put more importance on your game play and knowledge than athletic ability. 

A Level Players: Good athletic ability, are able to play majority of the game without stop. Have experienced several seasons/leagues/teams in the past. Throwing and catching ability is approximately 90% accurate and nearly always completed. Good knowledge of game rules and feel comfortable calling fouls. 

B Level Players: At least medium athletic ability, are able to play at least half the game without stop. Have some experience in previous seasons/leagues/pickup. Throwing and catching ability is approximately 70% accurate and completed majority of the time. Have basic knowledge of games rules and know what to do when a foul is called.

C Level Players: Some athletic ability, but need frequent breaks between points. Have little to no previous experience seasons/leagues. Know how to catch and throw a disk, but are not comfortable with both forehand and backhand throws during game play. Have the most basic understanding of game play, but look for direction on rules. 

If you are new to the sport and would like to know more about rules, click the link above. Below are some helpful videos on game play. We encourage all levels of player skill to join our TOGA and the Toledo pick up games. See our facebook page for the latest pick-up game information! Or reach out to the TOGA Leadership team for help finding a pick-up game near you! 


A fellow ultimate fan sent us this very helpful link to help all our new players this season. Thank you Jameson!
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