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The Leadership Team was blown away by the athleticism, team spirit and sportsmanship during the 2023 season. We want to thank everyone who played in another fantastic year! 

Tuesday: Embracing Change
Our first venture into a draft league format was a success. Despite some challenges due to low numbers, we appreciate the dedication of every player who showed up each week, making the most of the situation. A big congratulations to Tristian's Team for emerging as the victors of the 2023 Draft league!


Wednesday: BYOT
Excitement With the transition to a BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) league, Wednesdays saw increased competition, heating up the atmosphere with a higher number of A and B level players. We're excited to continue with this BYOT format in the years to come. Hats off to Kiwi, crowned as the 2023 Wednesday Champions!


Friday: Remarkable Turnout
Friday league numbers continued to impress us. Welcoming back familiar faces and introducing new ones, our learning league played a crucial role in bringing fresh energy. We're confident this will feed into next year's Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A special shout-out to Lime Shock, our 2023 Friday Champions!

Please share your feedback

We are always looking to improve and we need your honest feedback to do so. 

Please take this quick survey to let us know what we did well, where we can improve, and ANY FUTURE PLAYING OPPORTUNITIES WE CAN PROVIDE.

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Season Highlights:

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