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June Hat Tournament

What is a hat tournament?

These are tournaments where players join individually rather than as a team. Traditionally, tournament organizers form teams by randomly taking the names of the participants from a hat. For our tournaments we try to select teams by splitting players down into skill, experience, height, sex and fitness level – provided by the player when they sign up. We spread these factors evenly across the teams so that in theory all teams are evenly matched and players play with at least some people they’ve never met before. Hat tournaments are, above all, for having fun, socializing, partying and meeting other players. All players are welcome! World-class players to complete beginners!

Up Coming Tournaments

June Hat Tournament

Summer Kick-Off Hat!
Saturday, June 12th at 12:00 PM

TOGA is hosting its first Hat Tournament! Sign up online, and save yourself from the line.

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